Income Property/ 3 story house

Located in Mizugama, Kadena-cho

Rental units on1st & 2nd Floors!


Flow of Real Estate Sales Transaction

Sales Consultation / Request → Price Assessment → Agreement → Contract Agreement

- In order for us to properly guide you, it is very important for us to understand your needs and wishes from the transaction. Once the request for consultation is received, and we have a clear understanding of your needs, we will request an in-person site visit to the property. There, we will be able to assess and discuss current market trends and advise you the right price considering the timing you wish to sell.

- Once you are happy with our discussion and wish to hire us as an intermediary, we will write an official contract for both parties to sign. Although it is the Japanese Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport's official recommendation,and 90% of our customers choose to sign the exclusive right-to-sell listing contract, there are other options such as exclusive-agency listing contact or the open listing contract. 

- Once the contract is signed, we will register your property to the official real estate distribution organization here in Japan which allows for more than 90,000 registrants all over Japan to see the new listing. 


Property Advertisement → Open House → Request to Purchase → Negotiation

Once the contract is signed, we publish and advertise your property immediately using online tools and also using local newspapers and sending out flyers. Once we are approached by an interested buyer, we will begin the negotiation process and only when the conditions meet the sellers needs, we will pursue the sales agreement contract with the buyer. 

Real Estate Sales Contract → Preparation for Contract Settlement & Registration

Terms and conditions of the contract will be explained from our end to the buyer. When both parties have a clear understanding of the conditions of the contract, the buyer will make the initial deposit for the property to the seller. If the buyer is under mortgage, we will help set up all of the necessary application paperwork 2-3 weeks before the delivery of the property. 

Final Deposit / Delivery Confirmation

Buyer will make the final payment to the seller. The seller will request a judicial scrivener to apply for mortgage cancellation registration. During this process intermediary fees and other expenses will be paid in full along with submitting various related documents to be handed to the judicial scrivener.  This includes various documents required for registration of transfer of ownership such as an official resident's card, seal registration certificate, and a letter of registration. The seller will hand over all of the pamphlets, management agreement paperwork, instruction manual for building equipment necessary for the property on the day of the delivery date. The day before the delivery date, the property will be thoroughly inspected.

Real Estate Purchase


There are two ways to sell your property at TIME PROJECT. 

1. By listing your property on our website and other popular websites to reach potential buyers.

2. TIME PROJECT will purchase directly from you if we see fit. Flow of purchase is listed below:

  • 1.Assessment of property 

  • 2.Price delivery by owner and assessment. We will proceed with preparation of purchase agreement upon approval from both parties.

  • 3.Purchase contract agreement

  • 4.Final payment and delivery of property







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